About Us

Let's Get To Know Each Other

We founded Zoi & Light Studio with the mission to help small businesses and organizations tell their stories in purposeful ways. We believe that stories have the power to motivate and inspire others to create lasting change in our communities and around the world. We can promise you a fun, down to earth, yet professional experience with our team, as we work together to tell your stories. 


Co-Founder & Creative Director

I’ve been a film fan my whole life, but honestly can’t say I ever saw myself where I am today! I have degrees in both Interior Design and Textile Design, and have in the past designed rugs and other home goods, as well as worked in Healthcare Interiors for a well known architectural firm in San Francisco. But it’s crazy how that all feels like it was ages ago… 

Now, I have a second Masters in Digital Media, I’m working as a video storyteller, and have never been happier! It feels like this is where I needed to be all along, and yet I wouldn’t trade the journey for anything. As Creative Director of Zoi & Light Studio, I oversee every stage of every project. I work hand in hand with every client through the Pre-Production, Production, and Post- Production process of every film, making sure your dreams and vision come to life!


Co-Founder & Operations Director

Since being a professional superhero or vigilante is illegal and not a thing… I decided to go into business with my wife. You can consider me the Director of Operations and Co-Owner of Zoi & Light Studio. I might wear many hats, but my main role is to support Brenda and our team to make the gears of the studio operate well! 

I am also one of the Directors at a local non-profit part time. I am currently attending Liberty University Online and working on my Bachelors of Science in Psychology, which I am hoping to complete in next couple of years! 




Virtual Assistant

Becky is a wife and a mom to three amazing kids (Supermom if you ask us!). She has been in the Bay Area for 12 years now. Prior to being a mom,  Becky spent many years in the Administrative field and loved the organization that went on behind the scenes. Becky has a passion to help others and provide some relief to social media & administrative work, and boy are we thankful for that! When she isn’t working, you can find her keeping busy with the kids, homeschooling and enjoying life.


Production Assistant

Naomi has an innate eye for detail and a contagious love of film. She has an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Humanities. She is currently obtaining a double major in film and philosophy at UC Berkeley, while working towards her MA in Theological Arts at Westminster seminary. What a go-getter! Oh did we mention she’s ambidextrous?


Associate Editor

Michaela has been an artist and a storyteller her whole life. From painting, photography and writing, her work has been met with praise for its creativity and use of color. This creative path led her to achieve her Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production where her love for video editing grew stronger. When she’s not creating new worlds or stringing together a visual story, Michaela is immersed in gaming and watching her favorite movies.

Photography by ComePlum