About Us
Let's Get To Know Each Other

We are a husband and wife duo. We can promise you a fun, down to earth, yet professional experience with Zoi & Light Studio. We both love working with people and helping share their stories because we believe that one story can have the power to motivate and inspire others.

Plus let’s be real, we are pretty cool to hang out with.


I’ve been a film fan my whole life, but honestly can’t say I ever saw myself where I am today! I have degrees in both Interior Design and Textile Design, and have in the past designed rugs and other home goods, as well as worked in Healthcare Interiors for a well known architectural firm in San Francisco. But it’s crazy how that all feels like it was ages ago… Now, I have a second Masters in Digital Media, I’m working as a video storyteller, and have never been happier! It feels like this is where I needed to be all along, and yet I wouldn’t trade the journey for anything. As Creative Director of Zoi & Light Studio, I oversee every stage of every project. I work hand in hand with every client through the Pre-Production, Production, and Post- Production process of every film, making sure your dreams and vision come to life. I love creatively crafting stories together!

Likes: Cake, Diet Coke, singing, Disney, superheroes, Harry Potter, and cuddling on the sofa watching a good movie with Jayson and our cat Kai.

Dislikes: Vegetables, running, camping, and doing dishes.


Since being a professional superhero or vigilante is illegal and not a thing… I decided to go into business with my wife. You can consider me the Director of Operations and Co-Owner of Zoi & Light Studio. I am also the Director of Development of a local non-profit. I have experience in Business Administration which helps me in my role with Zoi & Light Studio. Although I wear many hats in our small business, my key role is to support Brenda and make sure Zoi & Light meets general legalities and services. Operations plays a big role in our business because we want to bring a quality experience to every client and every project we encounter.

Likes: Superheroes, martial arts, ice cream, comic books, Disney, dogs, video games, and cuddles with my cat Kai.

Dislikes: Snakes, chicken, and doing dishes.


We met on Coffee Meets Bagel.

We had a Disney/Superhero wedding. 

We LOVE costumes.

We’re very involved with our church community.


Photography by ComePlum